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Auto Promos For Today’s On-The-Go World

Because of the many hours that we spend each day in a car, the opportunities to display your business information and/or service message on a car related promotional item are great!  You can custom imprint all of the items in this category with your logo.

  • Tire gauges and ice scrapers are classic options for any auto related industry.  
  • A usb car charger is a hot seller. These adapters plug into accessory power outlets to charge personal devices. Travelers can use their road time to recharge their electronic devices with this useful gift.
  • An auto safety multi-tool is something we should all have when driving. These affordable tools have important features like an LED light, window breaker and seat belt cutter.

Show your customers how much you care with an auto promotional product.

  • Value Ice Scraper

    As Low As $0.77
  • Car Vent Air Freshener - Lemon Scent

    As Low As $0.83
  • Flashing Car Key Chain

    As Low As $0.84
  • Sunglasses Clip

    As Low As $0.85
  • Auto Fresh Usb Car Charger

    As Low As $0.93
  • Vehicle Vent Clip Freshener

    As Low As $0.95
  • Tire Pressure Gauge

    As Low As $1.02
  • Auto Fresh

    As Low As $1.03
  • Quick View Tire Gauge

    As Low As $1.07
  • Break The Ice Scraper

    As Low As $1.10
  • Car Usb Charger

    As Low As $1.20
  • Usb Car Adapter

    As Low As $1.23
  • Roadside Multi-tool

    As Low As $1.24
  • Tri Blade Windshield Scraper

    As Low As $1.28
  • Tri-edge Ice Scraper

    As Low As $1.33
  • Emergency Led Glow Whistle

    As Low As $1.84
  • Aspen Phone Wallet With Finger Ring + Car Vent Mou..

    As Low As $2.00
  • Universal Auto Vent Phone Mount

    As Low As $2.04
  • Mini Emergency Auto Set Key Chain

    As Low As $2.09
  • Car Caddy

    As Low As $2.13
  • Magna Grip Vent Clip & Phone Stand

    As Low As $2.17
  • Warm Grip Ice Scraper

    As Low As $2.46
  • Long Handle Ice Scraper Snowbrush

    As Low As $2.60
  • Vehicle Escape Tool

    As Low As $2.63