Promotional USB Drives for Corporate Gifts, VIP Customers and More!

promotional usb driveTired of the same old boring pens, coffee cups, sticky notes and key chains that you have been using for your promotional needs all these years? Want to giveaway something your customers will be excited about and use all of the time? Promotional usb drives are more affordable than you think.

Also known as thumb drives or flash drives, usb drives are widely utilized, which makes them a great pick as a promotion or impressive giveaway. About a decade ago when flash drives newly arrived on the promotional products scene, even the smallest memory level like 512 megabyte or 1 gigabyte were expensive. Now these small memory capacities are practically obsolete. With the great demand for this product, prices have fallen significantly over the years.  It’s now more affordable than ever to purchase promotional usb drives at memory levels of 4gb, 8gb, 16gb and beyond!

A multifunction usb pen drive  is a pen, stylus and memory chip all in one gift! As a corporate gift or holiday gift for your VIP clients you can’t go wrong! You can customize a pen drive with your logo or season’s greetings message. Packaged in a gift box, it’s ready to go and easy to mail.

If you need custom printed flash drives fast, we offer free rush service on many popular styles. These drives are available in a huge variety of colors with new, trendy colors being added to stock inventory all of the time. We can color print your logo on most styles. For a more “high end” feel, many promotional usb drives can also be laser engraved. Check out the amazingly beautiful results of an epoxy dome imprint on a flash drive: bring your 4-color process or photographic artwork to life with this eye-catching imprint method

Promotional Tote Bags for Summertime Fun

Promotional tote bags are a four-season bag style. In the summertime totes are great for trips to the park, pool and beach. Cotton canvas material tote bags are not only kind to the environment but they are easily hand-washable so they will keep looking great for many years to come. You may think purchasing a cotton canvas means a bag in a “natural” or “organic” color, but today’s customized totes come in a huge array of colors. This means your custom colored tote will be sure to be seen. Promotional drawstring bags are a widely popular bag style, used by many people for many purposes. This smaller, sportier version of a backpack is a single main compartment bag with shoulder straps usually made of a rope or nylon cord like material.

 Boat totes are perfect promotional tote bags for the summer months. These are traditionally large boxy style totes with sturdy shoulder straps. Many boat tote bags have a nice front pocket to stow things you might need often like sunscreen, lip balm and pocket change for the snack shack! Many custom boat bags are available in a natural color with a nice contrasting accent color for the handles. Match your logo to the handle color for an upscale, impressive look! Promotional drawstring bags are also a favorite pick for kids and teens for the pool or beach. So lightweight they are perfect for the poolside. Cinch bags are also easy to hand wash so soda and Popsicle spills are no problem! Promotional tote bags with eye-catching patterns are very trendy and fun alternatives to solid color bags. Geometric patterns, polka-dots, dog paws, checkered/gingham, bubbles, and so many more, will make your custom tote high fashion. For the younger end-user we carry the Paws N Claws line of bags with popular animal themes such as tigers, dolphins, owls, monkeys, ducks and elephants. If your business or end-user is sporty, than be on trend with clear Promotional drawstring bags. These clear bags are perfect for passing through security checkpoints at sporting events with ease. Many of our styles meet NFL and other sport authority checkpoint requirements.

Stylize Your Next Promotion with a Stylus

Promotional stylus pens Why purchase more of those boring old pens when you can impress with promotional stylus pens? Just about everyone has embraced the age of the Smartphone. If you are like me, even your grandmother has more apps on her Smartphone than you do! Everyone likes a good quality pen and a stylus is such a handy implement for typing on screens, so it makes sense that a 2-in-1 stylus pen is a win-win promotional product.  Offered in a large range of colors, styles and price points, stylus pens are more affordable than you may think. The soft rubber stylus tip can be used not only on phone screens but also other hand-held touch screen devices like tablets and e-readers.  Promotional stylus pens are the same size as standard pens so they are affordable to ship in large quantities, which also makes them a desirable giveaway for events, trade shows, conventions, industry shows, job fairs, etc…

Why use promotional products? The answer is easy: brand exposure! This is why it’s so important to choose your customized business products carefully. It is clear that technology related promos are what today’s modern customer or client desire. Based on your budget, you may not have the funds for chargers, flash drives, power banks, and other most costly tech products. Don’t despair! You can still impress with promotional stylus pens. They are available in so many colors that it’s easy to match your company logo. We have tons of options under $1.00 and if you are looking to go top shelf, we have those too. Metal body stylus’ packaged in a nice gift box of a brand name supplier will surely impress. We sell brands like Elleven, Luxe, Cutter & Buck, Ellis, Balmain, and Cross. Many metal body stylus pens can be laser engraved for an even more impressive look. Stylize your next promotion with a stylus!

Branded USB Drives: So Many Styles, Colors & Options.

Promotional USB drives have become a very popular promotional product in recent years. You can keep important data close at hand with a memory item small enough to fit in your pocket, briefcase or bag. Branded USB drives come in a large variety of both basic and unconventional styles, an array of bright colors to match your company logo, and a range of memory capacities from 2 gigabytes up to 8 gigabytes. They are not only a popular purchase for your employees, but also a highly useful promotional product for clients. And when a promo product is useful: it means lots of brand exposure! Continue reading

Promotional Cooler Bags: Not Your Moms Cooler Anymore.

promotional cooler bagsMy childhood memories of Rock away Beach are so very different than my parents’ memories! I left the parking lot at an anxious trot, anxious to hit that hot sand and stake my claim on a 8’ X 8’ piece of the beach! My parents, however, were burdened with the stuff that we needed for a beach outing. Lugging towels, umbrellas, clothing changes was no small feat on the long trek from lot to sand. Most burdensome, however, was the heavy plastic food cooler (in the days before they had wheels) containing enough fluids and nourishment to feed a small army! Continue reading

Clean Hands are Easy with Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Promotional hand sanitizers are not just for trade show, job fairs and doctor’s offices nowadays. A hand sanitizer promo product is a great option for any business or organization for giveaways. At any given time of the year we hear about the spread of germs impacting entire schools or town populations, or new strains of the flu each flu season for which we have not been covered via our annual flu shot. If you live with children,than you are even more likely to fall victim to the annual bad cold or worse. Though no sure-fire 100% miracle propellant of germs exists, there are some easy ways to battle germs on a daily basis. Promotional hand sanitizers are a budget-friendly promotional product that your customers are sure to utilize.

promotional hand sanitizers Hand sanitizer promo products are available in a wide array of choices to fit your budget, need and your recipient demographic. For activities such as marathons, walk-a-thons and sporting events, an antibacterial sanitizer housed in a sporty neoprene sleeve with a clip or carabiner is a great choice. Imprint your custom logo on the sleeve. Recipients can easily attach this product to their backpack, fanny pack, or belt loop for easy access. This tagalong style is also very popular amongst high school students and college students. With a carabiner or clip, students don’t have to worry about their hand sanitizer getting lost inside their book bag, and it will be readily available for quick use at the coffee shop or lunch spot. Promotional hand sanitizers in the shape of a spray pen are very popular. This small, skinny shape can easily be stowed in any bag and the pump-action spray is an easy and quick way to sanitize your hands before a meal. Spay pen hand sanitizer promo products are available with a variety of cap colors to match any logo. You can imprint your message on the body. For a bold statement, try one of our spray pens that can be fully customized with a 4-color process imprint for a look that will surely be eye-catching.

Impress Your Clients with Promotional USB Drives

promotional USB drivesA flash drive (or thumb drive) is a very useful and handy way to transport large amounts of data easily. They can be used for both business and personal use. So why not consider promotional USB drives for your next promotional product need? Practically everything can be customized these days and the same holds true for memory items. Many years ago a memory product like a flash drive was very expensive. But advances in technology and good old capitalism, have brought memory products into the mainstream and made them very affordable. Branded USB drives can be used in-house for your own company needs. With your company logo color printed on the drive, your employees will know to use that flash drive for work purposes. Data and documents can easily be shared on a lightweight thumb drive. Continue reading

Promotional Tote Bags: So Many Options and So Many Uses

promotional tote bag Promotional tote bags are a classic and time-tested promotional product. With so many kinds of bags to choose from, any business or organization can find the right bag to customize with their logo for use. If you envision a tote bag as being a purse or fashion bag for women only, think again! Promotional drawstring bags are super sporty looking and commonly used by men, women, boys and girls alike. Businesses that service, sponsor or support anything related to a healthy lifestyle can imprint their logo and message on the huge imprint area of a drawstring bag. Gym and athletic facility owners can resale them in their gift shop, or use them as a giveaway at sporting events. Continue reading

Jute Shopping Bags Replace Synthetic Bags for Upscale Businesses

Jute shopping bags are a great upscale alternative to less expensive shopping bags. If you run a business where you sell things, you are going to spend money on customized shopping bags right? Well, why not invest in high quality jute tote bags and give your customers a bag that will be reused many times over. Jute bags are increasingly replacing synthetic material bags as business owners and customer’s a like look to reduce their ecological footprint. Continue reading

Promotional Hand Sanitizer: A Smart & Useful Giveaway Any Day!

There is a lot of debate about whether or not excessive use of antibacterial hand sanitizer is promotional hand sanitizer a good or bad thing. But one thing is for sure: mothers always reinforce the importance of washing our hands before we eat right? I doubt anybody can argue the merit of hand washing before meals. And everyone has to eat so why not consider a promotional hand sanitizer for your next business promotion? These are really handy items to have when access to soap and water is not readily available. Many of us like to take our lunch breaks outside. Perhaps your company has a pleasant outdoor area with picnic tables, or you work in the city and enjoy eating your lunch at the nearest park. When you can’t access a sink, these “waterless” antibacterial hand sanitizer products are a great solution. They are also very popular for moms & kids on the go.

Continue reading