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Promotional Sticky Notes

Stick Your Brand Exposure with this Handy Desktop Promo.

Everyone uses sticky notes at work and even at home. We just can’t get enough of these handy little notes! So why not put your logo on them and give away custom sticky notes at your next big event?

  • Sticky notes are budget friendly and easy to transport to trade shows and conventions.
  • The small wallet or book style offers just the right amount of flags for a seminar, training, or new hire orientation.
  • Take your promotional sticky notes up a notch with a book style that includes note paper and a pen too!

Custom sticky notes will surely be used and your company logo or contact information will be ever-present on your customers desktop!

  • Pocket Sticky Note Memo Book

    As Low As $0.61
  • Square Deal Sticky Note Wallet

    As Low As $0.70
  • The Accent Sticky Flag Booklet

    As Low As $0.72
  • Trine Sticky Note Holder

    As Low As $0.73
  • The Deluxe Accent Memo Booklet

    As Low As $0.84
  • Slice N' Tag Sticky Flags Letter Opener

    As Low As $0.95
  • Eco Stowaway Sticky Jotter With Pen

    As Low As $1.12
  • Jot-it Sticky Book

    As Low As $1.15
  • Basic Sticky Flag & Note Memo Case

    As Low As $1.20
  • Sticky Flag Jotter

    As Low As $1.29
  • Sticky Book

    As Low As $1.29
  • Eco/recycled Sticky Note Memo Case

    As Low As $2.04
  • Deluxe Sticky Note Organizer

    As Low As $3.82