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Power Up Your Next Promotion: Promotional Car Chargers & Power Banks

If you are looking for a promotional product that is an all-around pleaser, a USB car charger or power bank is the answer.  Most everyone has a smartphone or mobile device these days.

  • Your custom logo imprinted on a USB device charger is a useful marketing tool that will keep your companies name in front of your customer frequently!
  • A portable charger will charge mobile devices while you on are on the go – so you don’t have to worry about a low or dead battery on your phone or music device at the days end.
  • Take your promotion to the next level with a portable power bank which will also charge computers, tablets and other larger devices when you travel or in case of an emergency.

These devices are generally versatile and can work with the different popular device platforms. 

  • Verve Stylus & Cord Wrap

    As Low As $0.15
  • Game Controller

    As Low As $0.25
  • Dock Multifunctional Phone Clip

    As Low As $0.29
  • Screen Cleaner Set

    As Low As $0.31
  • Silicone Keyboard Brush Key Ring

    As Low As $0.33
  • Flection Phone Stand & Holder

    As Low As $0.33
  • Maxima Case For Ipad

    As Low As $0.36
  • Santa Case For Ipad

    As Low As $0.39
  • Flip Mobile Phone Holder

    As Low As $0.42
  • Connect Laptop Clip

    As Low As $0.42
  • Maxima Case For Ipad Mini

    As Low As $0.42
  • Gel Mobile Phone Stand

    As Low As $0.42
  • Silicone Card Wallet With Finger Loop

    As Low As $0.43
  • Clip On Wired Earbuds

    As Low As $0.44
  • Orbit Earbud Wrap Key Tag

    As Low As $0.44
  • Gadget Tablet Handle & Stand

    As Low As $0.45
  • Microfiber Cleaner Cloth In Pouch

    As Low As $0.50
  • Wrap 'n Go Cable Organizer

    As Low As $0.56
  • Essence Phone Holder With Air Freshener

    As Low As $0.56
  • Apex Phone Ring + Stand

    As Low As $0.57
  • Light Up Earbud Case

    As Low As $0.59
  • Magnetic Phone Sticky Pad

    As Low As $0.59
  • Surface Mini Car Charger

    As Low As $0.59
  • Grasp Handheld Smartphone Holder

    As Low As $0.60